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About Us
Upper Mountain Landscaping LLC provides highly professional, unbiased design and construction based on the needs and goals you indicate to us. We are not trying to sell you specific plants or materials based on existing inventory.

“How does the company determine what I want?”

At Upper Mountain Landscaping LLC we will assess your needs. First, do you have problems you are trying to correct, such as water pooling or erosion? Second, are you trying to define an outside living area or do you need screening from negative factors. And, third, what type of elements do you want to include in the landscape: ponds, fire pits, gardens, and patios are just a few examples of items that can make your landscape more appealing.

“Once I have a design, what do we do?”

After you decide upon a landscape design, our staff of trained workers will be there to build your landscape in a timely and professional manner.

“Will I get a written contract that explains everything that will be done and what it entails?”

Absolutely. Its just good business to have everything in writing so there is no confusion about what we’re doing. We want you to be comfortable about what you’re paying for.

“Does the company know how to install the type of work I want?”

Keep in mind that not all landscape contractors are equal. Our company employs people with a wide background of experience which enables us to design or build almost anything you can imagine, but do so safely and always with the highest quality. We employ a system of checks to make sure that as your project progresses every.phpect of it is done properly.

“What are the company’s credentials? Are they legally in business and licensed? Does the company provide references?”

We are an active member of the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association. We are also licensed by New Jersey and Montclair as Landscape Contractors. Licensed contractors are regulated by laws designed to protect the public so that we are accountable to you, the homeowner. Upper Mountain Landscaping, LLC will gladly provide you with a list of references for projects similar to your own.

“Will I get quality materials?”

In fact we won’t sell something to you if we’re not confident in its quality. Whether its certified nursery plants or hardscape materials, we install items we’ve personally used and have seen tested in practical usage.

“Does the landscape contractor have insurance? Do they have the proper insurance to cover repairs?”

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have a clean accident record, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared. We are fully insured in the State of New Jersey, so that in the unlikely event that something was to go wrong, you’re covered.

“What if I need to get in touch with someone? Will I just get voicemail?”

In both the design and construction phases of our work, we know that things will come up such as changes or other considerations. You may have questions about certain plant material or why something is being done a certain way, so we know we need to be in touch. Our offices are open all year, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (frequently later) with someone there to answer your calls.

“If a plant dies or I’m not happy with something, will the company be there for me?”

Keep in mind that we’re in business to STAY in business. Upper Mountain Landscaping LLC has been around for 21 years so you know we’re a solid company committed to making our clients happy and keeping them that way.