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Jens Karns

At the tender age of 12 Jens spent weekends cutting grass for neighbors as a means to earn extra money. By 17 he had purchased his first truck and trailer and cared for over 30 properties. In 1995 Jens formed Upper Mountain Landscaping as a basic lawn service company. Through sound business practices and educated staff, he has spent almost two decades growing into the service driven company offering high quality you see today. As the owner, Jens oversees all operations within the company on a daily basis, yet still makes time to meet with our clients to ensure their needs are being met.

As the company has grown, Jens has seen needs arise in Montclair and Essex County and has had the vision to expand into those areas with services such as snow management and landscape construction. As time went on, the need for dedicated employees in each division became necessary, allowing him to use one of his greatest strengths of fitting the right people for the right job.

In the last few years he has led the company in a new direction towards more environmentally sound practices, adding to the health and peace of mind of our clients. As a life long resident and business leader of Montclair, he has been involved in the community in which he helps to maintain. From helping the Montclair little league to donating time, materials and resources to local charities, his goal is to see a better community and keep Montclair going as a greener place to live.

Diana Cardenas
Office Manager

Our Office Manager Diana, has been with us for over 10 years, she is passionate about the needs of our customers and very knowledgeable about lawn care services. With a desire to help our clients and work in their best interests, her unique ability to see things from the client’s perspective make her invaluable to the company and our clients.

Diana has 15 years of customer service experience and in her time here, she has managed to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s scheduling and records, as well as becoming the heart of what we do… service.

Diana has helped Upper Mountain Landscaping to further realize our goals of community involvement and social responsibility. Her assistance with the company’s strategic planning and marketing development will be sure to lead Upper Mountain Landscaping well into the future.


Serving Essex County and the surrounding areas for over 26 years

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We have been serving Essex County and the surrounding areas for over 26 years and look forward to keeping our area beautiful well into the future. Take a look through our services and see if Upper Mountain Landscaping is right for you.


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