Message from the General Manager

Dear Neighbor,

I would like to introduce you to a company that has been doing business in the Montclair area for over 25 years. Upper Mountain Landscaping continues to grow, offering better services and more thoughtful care. The company is made up of three separate divisions that are here to assist you with whatever your property needs.

The Lawn Care division is where we started and the rest of the company has grown from there. We offer full service lawn care that goes well beyond cutting your grass. Full spring and fall cleanups as well as key services, such as over-seeding and aerating, ensure that your property always looks its best. We are also fully licensed by the state for pesticides, though we often go the more organic route to ensure the best conditions for not only your lawn and plants, but for you also.

One of the toughest.phpects when caring for your property is caring for your plants. Our Landscape Maintenance division offers highly trained individuals who know that proper pruning doesn’t just result from the correct cut, but to sculpt your plants to keep them as energetic looking as the day they were first planted. Team members know that this job is part artistry and part science. Our goal is to keep your home looking its best.

For design and construction we feature an impressive gallery of projects that we have either already completed or are scheduled for construction this coming year. Our company has dedicated professionals to transform your property into the private escape you want. We start with the design phase and add to the natural qualities in your property. From there we plan all phases of your project. From simple garden renovations to pools and outdoor kitchens, we have the experience and knowledge to not only build it, but build it right. Call us and we can discuss any projects on you property that you would be interested in accomplishing.

Our goal at Upper Mountain Landscaping is to provide dependable, quality work combined with exceptional customer service.  So please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We would be happy to provide you with a consultation for your property.  Let us use our passion and expertise to turn your property into an outdoor sanctuary.

Thank you,

Peter M. Rogers
General Manager/
Landscape Designer

Serving Essex County and the surrounding areas for over 26 years

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We have been serving Essex County and the surrounding areas for over 26 years and look forward to keeping our area beautiful well into the future. Take a look through our services and see if Upper Mountain Landscaping is right for you.


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