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Design & Construction

Not all landscapes are designed for just beautification. Many are done simply for a screening effect to separate areas of the property or to block out street noise or an unsightly area. Our philosophy is to make a landscape both beautiful AND functional. By adding in textures and contrasts we can help you to feel like you have your own personal escape from the day-to-day world. Whether it’s a formal English style garden or a tranquil natural setting, the team at Upper Mountain Landscaping can design and build almost anything that you desire. We can design your property to keep a focus on family life or to accent the times when you entertain. Whatever your personal taste, there’s a landscape for you.

Landscape Design
Drainage and Grading
Sprinklers and Irrigation
Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ’s
Landscape Lighting
Rain Gardens
Raised Garden Beds

Landscape Design: Our motto is “from design to completion and beyond…” and that is how we start. The design process incorporates your lifestyle, visual desires and functionality while still making it possible to keep it looking good for years to come.

Planting: From flowers to trees and even some unusual specimens, we locate install and guarantee all of our plants. We offer basic warranties for those without irrigation and an extended version for those with.

Masonry: Our team has built everything from natural stone walls to paver driveways and many other unique features.

Drainage and Grading: One of the most misunderstood.phpects of landscaping is proper drainage and grading. Our area has a multitude of highly unique and difficult geographical characteristics which we have become experts in dealing with. We maintain an unparalleled success rate with our drainage projects that continue to outperform despite every new challenge.

Sprinklers and Irrigation: We work with a select number of licensed professional irrigation companies that we are confident with to provide you with the best in sprinkler services.

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ’s: One of our favorite projects to work on are BBQ’s. The fun and joy that these features offer our clients is more than worth the effort involved in bringing your dining experience into the outdoors.

Landscape Lighting: Bring your landscape alive past the dusk an liven up the night with lighting designed to draw attention to walkways, driveways and even special plantings.

Rain Gardens: An uncommon offering that is often done in conjunction with our drainage services, our staff have attended several courses and extended areas of study to bring to you the best that Mother nature has to offer for natural drainage solutions.

Raised Garden Beds: It can be as simple as a railroad tie border to an intricate bluestone wall that lends added interest to you home and gardens.