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Landscape Maintenance
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A highly trained crew using hand and power tools to care for your plants.
Seasonal flowers set up by our design team.
Professional Pruning
Bed Edging
Mulch and Compost
Power Washing
Brush Clearing
Spring Annuals
Summer Annuals
Fall Annuals
Organic Vegetable Gardens
Garden Restoration Services


Pruning:  Shrubs are pruned either by hand or using electric and/or gasoline powered shears as needed to ensure best possible health, shape, fullness, and bloom. We will remove all debris generated by this service. Branches will be pruned just outside the branch collar and pruning paint will not be applied. Sucker growth will be removed by hand from the base of trees as needed. No herbicides will be used for this purpose. All plantings will receive proper care according to acceptable landscape standards (ANSI Z60.1–2004). (Up to 3 times annually)

Bed Edging & Mulch:  Bed Edging and Mulch is typically scheduled for mid to late spring following Spring Cleanup.  This service consists of redefining of landscape and flower beds. Mulch will be applied at the depth of approximately 1-2 inches.  Several types of mulch are available including dark hardwood, cedar (non-red dyed), hemlock, pine bark and black or red dyed mulches.
(1 time annually)

Power Washing:  We utilize a high powered jet of water to remove moss, dirt and mildew from hardscapes such as patios, walkways and driveways. No chemicals are used so it remains environmentally safe and the effect is immediate. This service can brighten almost any dulled or dirty hardscape.

Brush Clearing: This is the removal of undesirable woody growth such as prickly bushes, overgrown/unsalvageable landscapes and other similar areas. By removing this growth, you can open an area up to allow for better play areas or have a fresh start to begin a new landscape.
Spring Annuals:  Tulips, daffodils and pansies are amongst the most common of Spring flowers, but there are many other which can be planted either in the spring, or in bulb form the preceding winter.
Summer Annuals: The brightest colors of the year come out in the summer when a list as long as you can imagine becomes available for these seasonal beauties such as Cosmos, Impatiens and Petunias.
Fall Annuals: Enjoy seasonal classics like Chrysanthemums and Cabbages, plus Kale and even Pansies make a final return for the year!

Organic Vegetable Gardens: We can design and install a completely organic vegetable garden for you to enjoy and share with your family. We have the experience an know-how to offer you the best in chemical-free garden options.

Garden Restoration Services: One of our best offerings is Garden Restoration services. Based upon assessment, we can offer to restore an overgrown garden to its former glory. Though this service usually takes a few years to see complete results, the benefit is keeping beautiful mature plantings that you know are going to survive well.

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