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What Is Organic Lawn Care?

There are different types of organic lawn care available based upon your needs. Basic organic lawn care replaces synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers with safe, natural plant- and animal- based products. Fully organic lawn care also involves routine over-seeding, testing and the addition of organic material to your lawn to enhance the microbial elements in the soil which in turn makes your lawn more naturally healthy.

Why Use Organic Lawn Care?

Organic is a word that is understandably being used frequently, though not always accurately. True organics care is the use of environmentally friendly practices to aid in the natural soil process. A naturally sustaining system has micro-organisms that utilize nutrients in the soil and in turn feed the plants they surround. By using sound practices such as consistent soil testing and the addition of soil friendly (non-water soluble) fertilizers, the micro-organisms thrive and in turn allow healthier root growth.
The soil in our area is dominantly clay which makes for a poor medium in which to promote healthy root structure for most plants. With the addition of compost and through frequent aerations, the soil can be amended to provide an ideal setting for your garden and lawn to look its best.
As an added benefit, lawns without irrigation do better and lawns with irrigation use less water during drought when you choose an organic lawn care package.

What Does Organic Cost?

Organic Lawn Care is often treated with caution since the stores frequently charge more for items called “Organic”. In truth, most cases of organic lawn care maintenance cost the same as traditional methods. Certain.phpects such as soil testing, pest-specific treatments and the initial installation of a new compost layer add upfront costs to the process, but in the long term, your property begins to maintain itself and only needs infrequent fertilizations.

Whether you’re concerned about children or pets, or looking to make your own lesser impact on the environment, UMLS can help you achieve your goal through our Stewards of the Environment organics division. Call us today and we’ll be glad to help you.

UMLS would like to thank Safe Yards Montclair for their aid in realizing our goal of a full organics division.


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